CSO Hunts
Elite Hunts Program
Our 25 Day Elite Hunts Program
2017/2018 Yearly Program Cost
$2,500 per person (5 Night Lodging Included)
Missouri & Iowa
Hunt Any Season. Hunt All Season. 
Low Pressure. High Quality Hunts.

100% Fair Chase. 100% Opportunity.

Limited Availability: (Program Enrollment Ends June 1st, 2017)
- 14 Spots in 2017 (8 Remaining)

Past CSO Hunts Hunting Footage

Other Program Options:
All Season Program: $3500 per person 
(Limit 2 Bucks & Regulated Doe Harvests)
Hunt All Season with CSO Hunts on our Managed Properties
*Lodging not included.

5-Day Hunt: $1500  per person
Self Guided
​5-Days of Hunting on Select Properties not in the CSO Hunts Program
* Lodging not included

In order to help maximize the quality of your trip and hunt, CSO Hunts also offers additional upgrades to be added to your program to customize your trip & hunting experience.

Program Upgrades
      - Lodging: $100 per night
      - Executive Lodging: $400 per night
      - Meals (Dinner Only): $250 (5 dinners - $50 per meal)

      - Meals (All): $500 (5 days - 15 meals)
      - ATV Rental: $100 per day
      - UTV Rental: $175 per day
      - Guided: $100 per day

      - Filmed (w/guide): $50 per day
​      - Additional Buck Harvest: $1000 (plus tag cost)

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CSO Hunts Programs offer a unique opportunity for avid outdoorsman to pursue mature Midwest Whitetails on properties that come fully developed through CS Outdoors Wildlife & Habitat Management Program. 

Hunts can be self guided or guided (at additional cost).
Mapping, directions and property markers are standard on all hunts & properties, and we consult and develop hunting strategies with all of our hunting partners before the hunt.

Our CSO Hunts Program accesses over 2,500 acres of developed hunting property throughout the states of Missouri & Iowa.

Each property is developed for our program's custom 25 Day Hunting Season. The 25 day season is customized each year to coincide with the 25 days most likely to provide higher quality hunting experiences for our partners. The program is divided into 5-Day hunting schedules to aid in the management of the hunts. 
(Certain properties can be requested & accessed to hunt outside of the 25 day CS Outdoors Season for those enrolled with the Elite Hunts Program.)

Hunters are placed on select properties throughout the season, based on requested accomodations and hunting preferences.  We also will place hunters on multiple properties throughout the Elite Hunts Season in order to provide them with the best opportunity to hunt & harvest mature trophy whitetails. This also allows many of our partners the unique benefit of being able to hunt multiple counties & regions throughout the state.

Our Elite Hunts Program also comes with a 100% Opportunity Guarantee, meaning that our partners can hunt with our program until they have the "Opportunity" at a mature Midwest whitetail. Enrollment in to the program allows for 1 Buck to be harvested. Options to harvest additonal bucks are available. Doe harvests are highly encouraged with our hunts in order to help maintain healthy heard numbers and our buck to doe ratios.

This program is for serious hunters only and our hunts come with strict harvest regulations in order to establish a quality age structure within the herds on our properties. Our hunts place a focus on age restrictions instead of antler restrictions, and we instill fines and penalties for whitetails that are placed on our "Do Not Harvest" list.

100% Opportunity For 25 Day Elite Hunts Program

CSO Hunts wants to make every effort possible to ensure that our hunting partners enrolled in our Elite Hunts program have the highest quality of hunting experience possible. One of the ways we help accomplish this is through our 100% Opprtunity Guarantee.

Our 100% Opportunity Guarantee means that if we do not place our hunters in position or provide them with the OPPORTUNITY to harvest a trophy whitetail, then we offer to enroll them back in the program the following year at HALF of the enrollment cost. 

CSO's 25 Day Elite Hunts Season Dates & State License Information

Missouri / 2017
Archery Dates: Oct 22-26, Oct 27-31 & Nov 1-5
Firearms: Nov 12-16
Late Muzzleloader: Dec 27-31

Missouri Licensing Info

Iowa (Zone 5) / 2017
Archery: Oct 30-Nov 3, Nov 6-10 & Nov 13-17
Firearms: Dec 3-7
Late Muzzleloader: Jan 4-8

Iowa Licensing Info
Resident: http://www.iowadnr.gov/Hunting/Deer-Hunting
Non-Resident: http://www.iowadnr.gov/Hunting/Nonresident-Hunting

Overview of CSO Hunts Program